Our Methodology

We offer a complete assessment of the state of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) operations based on a comprehensive view of stakeholders including:

  • employees
  • suppliers
  • distributors
  • partners
  • competitors
  • customers
  • clients
  • consumers

Our proven CRM methodology helps you:

  • align your customer relationship strategies with your business objectives
  • improve the balance between your customer acquisition and client retention
  • understand your company by enabling you to adjust business offerings effectively from different approaches
  • implement the appropriate technology and software with the necessary processes
  • enhance your network and communication infrastructure
  • provide post-implementation support

We accomplish this through:

  • CRM Solutions including:
    • Business Process Optimization
    • Software Selection
    • Technology Planning/Architecture
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Service Automation
  • Help Desk Solutions
  • CRM Business Intelligence and Backend Systems Integration

Critical Success Factors

We understand that achieving your CRM objectives is based on eight critical success factors. We analyze your sales, marketing or call centre operations with these factors in mind:

  • Standards: Are your business rules and standards in congruence with your business operating principals?
  • Strategy: Are your current strategies effective and being implemented properly?
  • Processes: Are your processes considered Best practices and aligned with your CRM and company strategy?
  • Organization: Are your reward and incentive systems in alignment with your CRM strategy? Is your organization optimally designed and structured to maximize your CRM efficiency and effectiveness?
  • People: Do you have the right staff to achieve the desired objectives? Is your staff adequately trained?
  • Data: Is the data you have adequate, correct, timely, and logical to achieve your desired CRM objectives?
  • Information: Is your customer data being assimilated into meaningful and insightful information that can be leveraged to meet your CRM goals?
  • Technology: Are your systems and technology adequate and able to deliver CRM success?