Marketing Automation Software

The most comprehensive marketing automation software platform in the industry today.

Bring Marketing and Sales together with the leading marketing automation solution for midsize B2B businesses.

SalesFusion is the only marketing automation software solution that is built on a CRM database. As a result, it integrates at a deeper level to your installed CRM system. Feature rich and powerful, yet cost effective for SMB’s. Salesfusion helps boost your bottom line by giving your marketing team all of the latest technology available to generate demand and leads for your sales team.

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Marketing Automation

SalesFusion combines all the key functions that B2B marketers use on a day to day basis including:

  • Integrated email campaigns
  • Lead Capture – landing pages, forms, surveys
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Web analytics
  • Lead scoring


  • Finds the ROI in your campaigns – Marketing accountability is becoming significantly more important and CMO’s and marketing leaders are collaborating with sales management to build a direct line of sight from campaign responses to opportunity closure. Salesfusion facilitates this critical business process by tying the leads generated from campaigns right into your CRM opportunity management system – simplifying and enabling ROI calculations.
  • Facilitates Lead to Revenue Management –
  • Creates a real connection between Marketing and Revenue

Lead Scoring that Works

Lead Scoring is a critical process that will improve how you manage your leads.

Salesfusion makes the creation and management of lead scoring simple yet extremely powerful and flexible with LeadAnalyzer™. LeadAnalyzer™, an enterprise-class solution, enables you to create one or many scoring models that continuously evaluate and re-evaluate lead behavior. Key data points such as campaign response, web activity, and demographics are “scored” with arbitrary point values that, when added up, enroll leads into scoring groups. In turn, these groups drive a series of interconnected actions such as lead assignment, nurture campaigns enrollment, or opportunity creation.

Capabilities of LeadAnalyzer™

  • Build multiple lead scoring models at contact and account levels
  • Build ongoing and temporary scoring models
  • Score based on web activity, emails, campaigns, forms, social, and demographics
  • Create scoring groups that drive lead actions
  • Create leads, tasks, and opportunities from scores
  • Alert sales when leads score into a group
  • Degrade scores over time due to absence of activity
  • Customize scoring alerts using scoring templates
  • Out of box best practice scoring model
  • Scoring pre-integrated to your CRM


  • Helps you accurately prioritize leads – Use the characteristics of previously successful sales conversions to automatically identify high potential prospects.
  • Create dynamic lead profiles – Create an unlimited number of lead profiles, by person and account, based on the behavior captures and key demographic information.
  • Close more deals – Access a graphical view of everything a lead or prospect has done up to that point in your CRM.

Powerful Email Marketing

With SalesFusion you can combinesbulk, drip, and trigger-based email campaigns, integrated to CRM and other key processes.

Salesfusion’s email marketing solution provides multiple vehicles for building professional looking email campaigns that rival the top designers. Whether your use our library of 750+ fully-editable email templates or import your own from outside design solutions such as the Adobe Creative Suite, we make it simple to create emails that are tested against all browsers, clients and mobile devices.

Key Features of Email Design

  • Free library of 750+ templates
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editor
  • Import templates from outside design sources (Dreamweaver)
  • Import templates from third party design sites
  • Copy HTML from existing email templates
  • Copy HTML from your website/landing pages
  • View and validate email design in over 45 clients & devices
  • Professional design services are available to assist in building emails/landing pages

Nurture Email Campaigns

Nurture email campaigns from Salesfusion allow you to build robust, multi-step communications designed to promote long-term interaction with your leads. Whether nurture campaigns start from a bulk email send or from a form completion, you will have the flexibility and control to build campaigns that get better results.

Key Features of Nurture Marketing

  • Pre-build multi-step email communications
  • Set it and forget it workflow
  • Trigger nurture flows from landing pages, lead score, email opens, web activity and more!
  • Visual tree-based designer
  • Set email actions, CRM/Sales actions, dynamic content
  • Automatically remove from campaigns when leads qualify
  • Unlimited nurture flows
  • No coding required to build
  • Copy and re-use workflows

Testing and Deliverability

Our email marketing solution includes the most comprehensive testing and deliverability tools on the market today. We are partnered with some of the leading deliverability solutions in our industry to ensure you get to the inbox. From Spam checking to IP reputation management, Salesfusion provides a multi-layered approach to testing your emails before they go out.

Key Features

  • Test emails against Spam Assassin
  • Test emails against public ISP filters (Yahoo, Gmail, MobileMe, Microsoft)
  • IP monitoring by Return Path
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Split A/B testing
  • Seed lists
  • Bounce management
  • Message throttling

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