Learn how SalesLogix can help you develop and manage winning sales strategies, marketing strategies and lead management processes. If your organization would like to improve its ability to close more business, we offer training in the skills required to make the leap.

Sales and Opportunity ManagementLearn how CRM can help you develop and manage winning sales strategies. Learn how to manage more opportunities by working smarter, not harder. Reduce the time you spend on administration, proposal writing and customer service while increasing your customer face-time.
Marketing ManagementLearn how to track and manage marketing campaigns. Learn how to assess the return on your marketing investments and determine better marketing strategies for the future.
Closed Loop Lead ManagementOver 65% of all leads never get followed up. Learn how to maximize the money you’ve invested in lead generation. Learn how to develop lead management processes that drive more sales.
TBSTactical based selling helps organizations significantly increase their revenues by improving their ability to identify and qualify sales opportunities, interact with customers and prospects and close more business.