Leverage our 30 years of experience in the design, implementation and support of customer facing systems.

Our implementation team has the skills and experience to implement your solution on time and within budget. We strictly adhere to Software Manufacturer “Best Practices” for all products we support. This not only allows for rapid deployment but also efficient upgrade paths and effective post-implementation support.

We deploy a full Development, QA and Production environment for each customer solution. This not only allows us to deliver fully tested and qualified solutions but also to ensure the highest system availability possible even during roll-out of change requests and system modifications.

Our strategy at Cowley and Associates is to provide the specific level of support required by each customer for each solution. We work with your staff to ensure they are prepared to take full ownership of the new software. Our goal is that you achieve the maximum benefit from your technology investment. We consider ourselves as partners of our customers throughout the entire implementation process and beyond.

Our Implementation Process:

  1. Design and Implementation
  2. Project Discovery
  3. Product Training
  4. Solution Testing
  5. Subject Matter Mentoring
  6. Upgrades and Migration
  7. User Experience Optimization