We have more than 30 years of sales and sales force automation experience including:

  • managing sales, marketing and customer service operations.
  • recommending and implementing sales automation and marketing automation technologies.
  • consulting on sales management and process re-engineering.

We also have extensive expertise to help you transition your Customer Service operations from an agent centric operation to a self-service centric operation allowing you to dramatically reduce operating costs.

Benefits include:

  • Easier access to Customer Information – a centralized repository for customer information allows you to organize and analyze data such as purchasing behaviour, buying patterns and decision making behind purchases.
  • Real time data – CRM automation provides your customer-facing teams with anytime, anywhere access to the most recent customer information.
  • Enhanced sales process – allows your representatives to sell more efficiently.
  • Increased loyalty – focus on, and service, your most profitable customers and the strongest sales leads.

Sales Operations Analysis

Here are some of the factors we examine during our on-site review and analysis of your sales operations:

  • Sales strategy
  • Proposal creation
  • Contact Sharing
  • Proposal Conversion
  • Value Creation
  • Lead closure and follow up
  • Lead generation
  • Sales stage process
  • Forecast Accuracy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Sales product support
  • Lead Management
  • Selling Skills Analysis
  • Account Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy Analysis
  • Key event reporting
  • Lead flow management
  • Time to close
  • Product Strategy Analysis
  • Sales product training

Key Deliverables from Our Analysis

The deliverables from our Analysis include:

  • a thorough examination of your sales operations highlighting strengths and weaknesses for each of the eight success factors.
  • a comparison of your marketing goals versus actual experience and performance including an optional customer focus group analysis.
  • a detailed action plan identifying sales improvement areas and best practices.
  • a business case detailing the ROI for each of the sales improvement initiatives.
  • a prioritized road map and approach on how and when to implement the recommendations for short term and long term sales operations improvement.