With Infor CRM KnowledgeSync, you’ll never miss out on critical business opportunities. This optional component is complete with BusinessAlerts and E-mail Response. Set and monitor key selling conditions, then send alerts when they’re met! Plus, Infor CRM Support customers can add Integrated Service Alerts for even more functionality.

BusinessAlerts: Deliver Data – Now

Infor CRM BusinessAlerts allows you to actively notify employees, business partners and customers of time-sensitive business information via e-mail, fax, pager, PDA, cell phone and/or web browser – automatically.

So how does it work? Behind the scenes, Infor CRM KnowledgeSync monitors the Infor CRM database, other business applications, incoming e-mail and your operating environment.

Once it identifies a critical event that may impact your organization’s productivity and profitability, BusinessAlerts responds by sending alert messages, distributing reports and updating applications with the new information.

Sample BusinessAlerts included are:

  • Opportunities due to close this week, month or quarter
  • Opportunities which are won or lost
  • Open opportunities with no activity for several days
  • New leads recorded in Infor CRM
  • “Hot” accounts for Service and Support

E-mail Response: Take Action

Now with Infor CRM E-mail Response, a prospect can request information on your company website, and become a record in your Infor CRM database within a minute! And because the request is delivered via e-mail, there is no direct connection to your database and little security risk.

Once the prospect’s data is added (or updated) in Infor CRM, E-mail Response can also send a personalized message back to your prospect.

Plus, BusinessAlerts can be sent to your employees to alert them that a customer has requested information and updates have been made in Infor CRM.

Integrated Service Alerts: Manage Tickets – 24-7

Keeping customers is as important as gaining new ones. And adding Integrated Service Alerts to your solution – a version of Infor CRM KnowledgeSync designed especially for Infor CRM Support – can help you service your customers better than ever before.

A component of Integrated Service Alerts, E-mail Response analyzes customers’ messages and creates tickets automatically, eliminating labour-intensive cutting and pasting.

Follow-up messages are matched with open tickets, making sure they help resolve issues rather than just waiting around to be noticed. Support management and administration also improve with more accurate data on ticket and e-mail creation and activity.

Communication with your customers is also enhanced as they receive messages advising when they can expect to hear back from you, as well as automatic progress reports.

Another component of Integrated Service Alerts, Service Notifications and Escalations, helps your support team work more efficiently by alerting members if:

  • a new ticket or defect is assigned
  • an issue is not being actively worked
  • a ticket is getting close to its deadline

In fact, Integrated Service Alerts can automatically reassign or escalate tickets based on criteria you set.

And the interface between Sales and Support will grow even tighter as you’re notified when a customer’s service contract is about to expire.

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