Infor CRM Pivot Reporter is a powerful, easy-to-use reporting and analysis tool that provides instant insight into your sales, marketing, service and support efforts. Create custom reports in minutes to analyze the valuable customer information your employees capture in Infor CRM every day.

Infor CRM Pivot Reporter

Business Insight from your Customer Data
Your Sales, Marketing and Service teams constantly record and update customer information in Infor CRM. It is critical to have access to this information to make informed, timely business decisions. However, creating new reports on the fly — without technical resources — can be challenging.

Design Custom Reports in Minutes
Infor CRM Pivot Reporter, a powerful yet easy-to-use reporting and analysis tool, offers a simple solution. Now, any Infor CRM user can quickly create custom ‘pivot-style’ reports without any special report writing or database skills. Create pipeline reports grouped by sales person or team, marketing lead source and campaign status reports, support ticket metric reports and more.

Simply drag and drop fields from Infor CRM or modify one of more than 20 sample reports to meet your unique reporting needs. Reports update instantly after dragging additional fields or changing captions. You can also export reports to Excel with a single click for additional analysis.

Simple, Fast, Flexible
Infor CRM Pivot Reporter can be installed quickly, so you can immediately begin analyzing customer data critical to managing the health of your business. No bundles to install. No customization required.

Benefits for Sales:

  • Create pipeline reports by sales person or team
  • Generate “rolling months” forecasts to reflect current and future months
  • Track wins, losses and the number of days required to close opportunities
  • Monitor sales calls made by day, week, month, time-of-day and day-of-week

Benefits for Marketing

  • Report on lead sources and the status of marketing campaigns
  • Generate Excel lists of contact mailing information for labels
  • Track sales activities by region, sales team or rep

Benefits for Service & Support:

  • Track the number of tickets opened by week, month, quarter or year
  • Analyze tickets by time-of-day, day-of-week or day-of-month
  • Create reports to reflect the Area, Category and Issue of closed tickets

Benefits for Product Management:

  • Assess products in the pipeline and measure sales by product or product family
  • Discover reasons opportunities are won or lost

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