Infor CRM (SalesLogix) Courses

Infor CRM courses are organized to provide you with only the key elements of the tool that you need to be successful. Infor CRM Essentials covers how to navigate data and manage your day using SalesLogix. If you already use Infor CRM, take your learning to another level. Our training focuses on your needs, so let us help you put together the right training package to help you get more out of Infor CRM.

Infor CRM (SalesLogix) EssentialsThis course covers the essentials of working in Infor CRM. You will learn how to navigate data and manage your day to day activities.
Advanced Contacts/Account FeaturesThis course covers advanced methods of searching and building groups in Infor CRM and running reports.
Sales and Marketing FeaturesThis course takes you through a standard sales process using the Infor CRM tools. Creating and managing Marketing Campaigns will also be covered.
SupportThis course covers the use of tickets, defects and the use of contracts within SalesLogix.
AdministrationThis course describes how to manage both users and the Infor CRM system.
Customizing in Infor CRMThis course introduces you to editing views in Infor CRM as well as releasing changes to the database and reports.